Accreditation of Units

Standards for Service Provision in Urogynaecology Units: Certification of Units

The Accreditation document has been revised. Version 2 will be used from 1 April 2016 so if you are currently preparing documents you will have to have these documents with the Governance Team by the end of 31 March 2016 if you wish to be assessed according to the Version 1 criteria. Version 1 & 2 are available on this website below.

The purpose of accreditation is to define and monitor standards of care, organisation and quality within urogynaecology units. These standards will be measurable, comparable and identify those units which deliver best practice. They are designed to provide a robust mechanism for ensuring quality control in units practising clinical urogynaecology, which will be of value to service users, commissioners and providers.
The standards provide a framework that will help urogynaecology units to improve patient care, encourage multidisciplinary working, and enhance prospects for individuals units to grow and develop.

If anyone has any queries about applying for accreditation please contact us here.

 There are 29 Units which have been accredited:

 Worcestershire Acute hospitals NHS trust Urogyn Unit. Accredited 2011 ( reaccredited January 2018)

 Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Urogynaecology Unit. January 2018

 Addenbrookes Hospital Urogynecology Unit November 2017

 North Bristol NHS trust Urogynaecology unit August 2017

 Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust Urogyn Unit. June 2017

 Leicester University Hospital NHS trust. February 2017

 Barking Havering and Redbridge University hospital Urogynaecology unit. Feb 2017

 East Sussex healthcare NHS trust January 2017

 Liverpool women’s hospital re-accredited November 2016

 East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust - July 2016

 The Warrell Unit, St Mary's hospital, Central Manchester Universities NHS Foundation Trust - June 2016.

 Portsmouth Hospital - June 2016

 Nottingham University Hospital - June 2016

 Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - July 2016

 Plymouth Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - June 2016

 Leeds urogynaecology unit (Leeds teaching hospital NHS Trust)

Croydon University Hospital - 23 November 2010 (Reaccreditated May 2017)

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust- 4 November 2011

Trafford General Hospital- 10 October 2012 

South Tees NHS Foundation Trust- July 2013

Birmingham Women's Hospital- December 2013

Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent- January 2014

Hinchinbrook Hospital, Huntingdon- March 2014  

King's College Hospital, London- March 2014

John Radcliffe Hospital- July 2014

Darent Valley Hospital- August 2014

Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 11/11/14

Countess of Chester Hospital 14/1/15

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital 12/1/15

Version 2 criteria (will be applied to documents received on and after 1 April 2016):

You can download introductory letter here. (as of 1 April 2015)

Requirements of accreditation of units can be downloaded here.

Assessment document can be downloaded here.

Re-accreditation pro-forma can be downloaded here.

Named units being able to see and treat women with mesh related problems

The following units (downlod PDF here) have agreed that they are happy to see women who have significant mesh problems following incontinence or prolapse surgery where mesh was inserted.

The following personnel have confirmed that they will comply with set criteria of discussing all patients requiring surgery at a joint meeting to help determine best treatment options. The clinical lead will be responsible for submitting data on all patients undergoing surgery onto a national database and report them to HMRA.

The clinical lead has taken responsibility for the unit. Other medical staff from the hospital may also be involved in the care under the agreement with the clinical lead. This will be a local arrangement and each unit will be able to discuss further with any patients seen in that unit.

Repository of Accreditation Documents

Document downloads

Bladder diary October 2014 MDT template
Consent for cystoscopy Overactive bladder revised patient info
Consent for prolapse surgery vaginal approval Pelvic floor service referra form
Consent for sacrocolpopexy sacrohysteropexy Proforme for patients for multidisc
Consent midurethral sling Recurrent UTI guidelines
Gynae DSU Protocols Urodynamic clinic booklet
Haematuria final Urogynae history sheet
IC guideline for BSUG repository