BSUG Audit Database

BSUG Audit Database is an online database tool provided for the membership to gather data relating to this subspecialty for the purposes of audit with statistical reports which aim to raise the standards of care and understanding for this field.

For registration, please contact BSUG Secretariat.

Please note that only members of BSUG can have access to the BSUG Audit Database which is accessible on a NHS link computer via an N3 connection.

You can type this URL into your NHS computer browser to access the BSUG Audit Database.

SOP for BSUG Audit Database users. October 2017. Prepared by the BSUG Audit Database Committee. Download here

BSUG Audit Database Committee members listed below

Mr Phil Toozs-Hobson
Chairman BSUG database committee & Treasurer
Mr Andrew Hextall
Vice Chairman BSUG database committee
Professor Jonathan Duckett
Vice Chairman of BSUG
Mr Paul Moran
BSUG audit database committee
Paul Ballard
Phil Assassa
Alex Slack