Joint BSUG Meetings

22nd Apr 2020

BSGE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Bringing talent and technology together

This will be the 30th BSGE Annual Scientific Meeting and it will be held in the centre of Manchester. Manchester symbolises many things to many people- from cotton mills to computers and from suffragettes to the songs we sing. 

15th Jun 2020

Female Sexual Dysfunction and the Pelvic Floor

Start: 15/06/2020 08:45

End: 15/06/2020 17:00

This meeting aims to update delegates on current issues and clinical practice regarding female sexual problems, particularly with respect to pelvic floor function.

2nd Jul 2020

Surgical Masterclass in Urogynaecology

Start: 02/07/2020 08:30

End: 03/07/2020 17:15

This practical masterclass aims to demonstrate commonly used surgical techniques in pelvic floor reconstruction and present evidence for their use. 

23rd Sep 2020

23-24/9/20 Understanding Urodynamics - RCOG

23rd Sep 2020

Understanding Urodynamics

Start: 23/09/2020 08:30

End: 24/09/2020 17:00

12th Nov 2020

12-13/11/2020 Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology - RCOG

12th Nov 2020

Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology

Start: 12/11/2020 08:30

End: 13/11/2020 17:00

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