Definition of Urogynaecologist

  • Dedicated Urogynaecology Clinic or equivalent per week including secondary and tertiary referrals, as part of a multidisciplinary service.
  • Evidence of training in a Unit, which provides the full range of investigations and treatments required for training.
  • Urodynamics experience e.g. Special Skills Training.
  • Regular Urodynamic sessions (minimum of one per month) either personally or in a supervisory capacity.
  • Provide three clinical sessions in Urogynaecology per week.
  • Surgery: One major urogynaecology procedure associated with pelvic floor dysfunction i.e. incontinence and prolapse per working week per year.
  • Audit e.g. BSUG surgical audit
  • CME review; proportion of CME in urogynaecology

Those who work part-time should consider the proportion of the week dedicated to Urogynaecology and the definition used on the pro-rata basis.

Those who do not fulfil the criteria for the title of “Urogynaecologist” will in no way be disadvantaged in that they will still continue their current practice. It is unlikely that such individuals use the term Urogynaecologist at present.

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