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22nd Oct 2022


10th Jun 2022

Miss Ranee Thakar, the current RCOG Vice President for Global Health

Miss Ranee Thakar, the current RCOG Vice President for Global Health, has been elected as the next President of the RCOG and will take up office in December this year.

10th Feb 2022

Podcast of Endoscopic treatment of SUI - a first joined presentation between BSUG and BSGE

9th Dec 2021

New NICE Pelvic floor dysfunction guideline released

3rd Dec 2021

BSUG was pleased to formally express our appreciation and gratitude to Professor Stuart Stanton recognising his great contribution to our society and specialty worldwide.

This video captures Professor Stanton receiving the award from Professor Phillips on behalf of BSUG.

19th Nov 2021

Professor Freeman receives BSUG Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor Bob Freeman delivered a phenomenal lecture at the BSUG ASM on the history of BSUG and how British Urogynaecologists have shaped the field for us all.

What an amazing lecture by an amazing man who kindly accepted the BSUG Lifetime Achievement award last year.

5th Mar 2021

UK Clinical Guideline for Best Practice in the Use of Vaginal Pessaries for Prolapse launched 4th March 2021 at UKCS

3rd Mar 2021

UKCS Glasgow 2021 1st - 5th March

'As Live' Online: Annual Scientific Meeting

17th Feb 2021

David Watson Warrell 1929 - 2021

5th Feb 2021

England Mesh Complication Centres Announced

27th Jan 2021

Super fit team BSUG win the IUGA Across the World Challenge

27th Jan 2021

BSUG presents generic job templates for Urogynaecology consultants and specialist nurses

7th Dec 2020


The 2021 Clinical Excellence Awards round opened on Monday 7th December 2020 and will close at 5pm on Thursday 18 March 2021.

21st Oct 2020

BSUG Audit and Database Committee have published a 2nd National Report

8th Jul 2020

The report of the IMMDS Review "First Do No Harm" is published July 8th 2020. (Mesh covered on page 138)

8th Jul 2020

Abstracts from the 2019 BSUG Annual Research meeting

8th Jul 2020

BSUG apology in response to the Report of Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review

8th Jul 2020

The report of the IMMDS Review

26th Jun 2020

Invitation to apply to the BSUG Research Network (RN)

18th Jun 2020

BSUG Writes to Parliament regarding Ongoing Closure of toilets during Covid 19 Crisis

9th Apr 2020

BSUG Guidance on management of Urogynaecological Conditions and Vaginal Pessary use during the Covid 19 Pandemic

7th Jan 2020

New Botox Patient Leaflet launched in conjunction with the Plain English Society

3rd Jan 2020

BSUG at the AUGS/IUGA Fun Run!

A number of our members represented BSUG in the AUGS/IUGA first joint fun run in Nashville.

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