BSUG Audit Database

The BSUG Database is an online tool used by BSUG members to gather surgical data which can be used to develop statistical reports - which in turn are used to improve understanding and standards of patient care.


For registration, please contact BSUG Secretariat.

Please note that only members of BSUG can have access to the BSUG Audit Database which is accessible on a NHS link computer via an N3 connection. 


To access the BSUG Audit database copy this URL into your NHS computer browser

For registration, please contact BSUG Secretariat

To access the BSUG trainees database. Click here

Reports and Publications from the BSUG Database

Stress Incontinence Surgery in the UK
1st National report - Download here
2nd National Report - Download here
Bladder Neck Injections - Download here
BSUG Continence Surgery Outcomes - Download here

Vaginal Vault (Apex) Suspension Surgery in the UK
Summary Report - Download here
Sacrospinous Fixation - Download here
Sacrocolpopexy - Download here
Sacrohysteropexy - Download here

Vaginal Hysterectomy in the UK
Vaginal Hysterectomy - Download here

Pelvic Floor Repair in the UK
Anterior Repair - Download here
Posterior Repair - Download here

Mesh Complications Surgery in the UK
Mesh Complications Surgery in the UK 2008-2019 - Download here

Length of Stay Data
Anterior and Posterior Vaginal Repair - Comparison of Day Case and Non-Day Case outcome data - Download here

Publications from the BSUG database September 2020 - Download here

BSUG Database Workshop at UKCS 2021
What do the National Reports from the Database tell us? Click here

Demonstration Videos

BSUG Database overview. Click here

Adding a New Patient to the BSUG database. Click here

Searching for Episodes. Click here


The Standard operating procedure Download here

Recording Mesh / Graft Complication Surgery on the BSUG Database Download here

BSUG Trainees database demonstration video. Click here

BSUG National SUI Audit

BSUG Grant-Application form

BSUG Research Grant Check List

BSUG Grant-PI-Agreement

BSUG Research Grant Guidelines


Information for Caldicott Guardians 2021 Download here

Information for Patient more information here

BSUG Audit Database patient information 2021 Download here

BSUG Database Consent Form 2021 Download PDF or Download the Word Doc

Patients Global Impression of Improvement (PGI-I) for Incontinence Download here

Patients Global Impression of Improvement (PGI-I) for Prolapse Download here

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