• To promote high quality urogynaecology research in the UK.
  • To foster a “research-active” culture among members of BSUG.
  • To provide expert opinion on research matters to the main committee, the College, and other organisations when requested or indicated.
  •  To provide a point of contact between individual researchers or research organisations wishing to work with BSUG in specific research projects


  • Organise the annual research meeting, to ensure a forum for trainees to present research work in progress.
  • Organise the educational component of the annual research meeting to provide continuing professional development in matters relating to research design, conduct and governance.
  • Work as necessary with individuals and organisations who approach BSUG for advice/assistance/research recruitment in relation to any relevant project or study.
  • Coordinate requests for member mailing lists for the purpose of research surveys and questionnaires

Committee details:

  • Committee will have a Chair, elected for 3 years by the membership of BSUG.
  • The Chair may stand for a further 3 years if requested by the executive or membership, and approved by the membership at the AGM.
  • The Chair should indicate his/her willingness to stand for a further term at the end of the second year of office.
  • The Chair should have direct research experience.
·         The Chair will:
o   Endeavour to ensure that the committee fulfils its aims;
o   organise at least one research subcommittee meeting per year;
o   attend at least one executive committee meeting per year;
o   ensure minutes of meetings are kept.
  • Shadow Chair will be appointed by the Sub-Committee members during the 3rd/6th year of the current Chair to shadow the responsibilities and ‘learn’ the roles of the position.
  • The sub-committee should have between 3 and 7 members. At least one of these should be a trainee member (ideally subspecialty trainee).
  • All BSUG members are eligible for the subcommittee, but experience of research work is an essential requirement. Vacancies will be circulated via email.
  • Members are appointed by the Chair, in consultation with existing members and executive committee members.
  • Members will be removed if they do not attend subcommittee meetings or contribute to the work of the committee.
  • Members will serve a 3 year term, with the option of a second term if no new members are willing to stand.
  • A 3 month notice is requested for members leaving the subcommittee.

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Current BSUG Research Subcommittee

Ilias Giarenis

Ify Offiah

Tom Gray 

Rajvinder Khasriya 

Kiren Gill

Fiona Marsh 

Suneetha Rachaneni

Naz Abbas (Trainee)

Aethele Khunda

Annika Taithongchai

BSUG Research Network (RN)

RN Members page

Aims and Objectives:

The aim of the BSUG Research Network is to facilitate collaborative research in the UK with the objective of improving patient care for women with pelvic floor disorders. It will bring together research active units/teams and individuals to support each other with the intention of delivering high quality research. This includes studies into the following conditions:

  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • urinary incontinence
  • childbirth related trauma
  • anal incontinence and
  • sexual dysfunction.

Half of all women will experience one of these problems over their lifetime with over one in 10 needing surgery for these problems.
The BSUG RN through the CSG(Clinical Studies Group) will also propose topics of relevance to the NIHR for consideration of sending out calls for funding.

The BSUG RN is sponsored by the BSUG with support from the CSG of the RCOG. Overall responsibility of the BSUG RN lies with the Chair of the BSUG with day to day responsibilities lying with the Chair of the Research Committee.


In current day practice, when a national call goes out for a research proposal, clinicians interested in putting in a grant application (Chief Investigators- CI) contact individuals to agree collaborative working. The aim of the BSUG RN is to have a cohesive group of units willing to come together to provide input into individual multicentre studies and particularly those that are sent out as calls from the NIHR or other large funding bodies. This allows tapping into existing resources for research nursing and administrative support to ensure recruitment targets are met. This bypasses the need for the CI to contact individual clinicians and units.

When putting in an application the Chief Investigator will ask for the support of the BSUG RN and this will be provided as a letter of support by the Chair of BSUG and the Chair of the Research committee of BSUG. This avoids the need to contact individual units for their support.

Terms of Reference:

  • Member units will already be part of the CRN (Clinical Research Network). This ensures they have the nursing and administrative support required to successfully recruit to National and multicentre studies.
  • All member units must demonstrate their ability to contribute to research by their past track record of recruiting to NIHR studies and publications.
  • Urogynaecology Units will be members rather than individuals.
  • Member units may have more than one clinician involved in the RN.
  • For each study, clinicians within a unit will decide who will take the lead (serve as PI) for studies to which the BSUG RN commits to.
  • Member units may feel that some studies are not adequate for them to recruit to. In these situations, when the BSUG RN is approached for support into a study, Units should declare this upfront and “sit out” for that study.
  • Where more than 1 unit from within the BSUG RN wish to put in an application for a called grant application, this will be put to a vote to agree which unit takes the lead based on expertise and skill sets. It may be possible for two units to put in a joint application with two Chief investigators. This would strengthen the bid/application. The members of the RN would need to agree this level of collaborative working and all disputes will be settled by voting within the network. If this goes to a vote, the voting members will have to state why they support one member over another and this will be an open and transparent process.
  • Where the BSUG RN is approached from a Non-member unit for support, the study will be discussed with the RN and support provided if the RN feel it merits support.
  • Where the BSUG RN is approached by more than one Non-member unit for support, the RN may decide to support both studies. The letter of support will clearly state that the BSUG RN felt both studies merit support and would support either depending on which study gets funding and is successful.
  • Member Units of the BSUG RN should not agree support to individual applicants if the BSUG RN has been approached for the same study.

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