Announcement about IUGA elections, fall 2014

19th November 2014

Elections for IUGA Vice President, International Advisory Board members and committee members now open

IUGA members are encouraged to participate in this year’s elections. These began on Tuesday, October 21, when all IUGA members received an e-mail with instructions regarding how to participate in this year’s elections.  This email included a unique identifier that the member needs to use in order to access a ballot. Members can also find their unique identifier in the weekly reminders that have been sent each Friday from the IUGA office. The subject line for the announcement and reminder for members in Europe is: ‘2015 IUGA Board, committees and International Advisory Board elections – for European members’.
All members have the opportunity to vote for the vice president and Nominations Committee and Scientific Committee members.  Members in Europe and North America are also voting for their representatives on the International Advisory Board.  Please take a moment to cast your ballot and help select IUGA’s leadership! If you have any questions about voting, please contact Nailah Metwally at

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