Medical Advise Alert: MDA/2011/069

29th June 2011

Device: Pelispec vaginal specula including those with smoke extractor, those in light source packs and IUD procedure packs.
Manufacturer: Pelican Feminine Healthcare

As you are aware, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is an Executive Agency of the Department of Health that is responsible for the regulation of medical devices. Part of our function in protecting public health is to ensure that any problems associated with medical devices are brought to the attention of all healthcare workers that need to be aware. This is contained in a Medical Device Alert which sets out the issue, background and action to be taken.

Please find a link to the Medical Device Alert that relates to the above device and I would be grateful if you could bring the contents of this to the notice of any of your members and colleagues who need to be aware of problems and actions proposed.

The Alert has been circulated to all relevant Trusts for onward distribution to the relevant clinicians. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Susanne Ludgate if you have any problems with the message or wish clarification.



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