New BSUG and RCOG Home

19th December 2019

BSUG Annual Scientific Meeting 2019 was the last BSUG meeting to be held at the 27 Sussex Place RCOG Home. As you know the RCOG and BSUG has moved and is now based at 10-18, Union St, London SE1 1SZ. 

The RCOG says:
“Located in the heart of busy and vibrant central London, the RCOG’s move to Union Street, London Bridge, heralds new possibilities for our work and the creation of a modern home for the College for years to come.

Union Street is a wonderful asset for staff, members, trainees and wider general public alike, with modern flexible meeting rooms and workspaces, as well as an on-site contemporary café, open to the public, and quiet reading room.”  

BSUG look forward to exploring our wonderful new home.

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