15th June 2012

We are looking for volunteers for Consultants to act as RCOG assessors for Urogynae units / Consultants in difficulty.
Consultants who fulfil the following criteria will be considered eligible.  Training will be provided.
Ideally a Consultant should:
·         have been at least 10 years in post
·         be a member of BSUG
·         be actively engaged in clinical practice
·         lead a urogynaecology unit
·         be using the BSUG database / other audit tool
·         run a BSUG accredited unit
It is clearly not necessary for all of these criteria to be fulfilled particularly the last two.
If you think you can help, please complete the RCOG Urogynae Assessor form and return by Friday, 15th of July 2012 to bsug@rcog.org.uk

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