List of guidelines published by NICE and other organisations

Documents from BSUG 

Bladder diary October 2014 MDT template
Consent for cystoscopy Overactive bladder revised patient info
Consent for prolapse surgery vaginal approval Pelvic floor service referra form
Consent for sacrocolpopexy sacrohysteropexy Proforme for patients for multidisc
Consent midurethral sling Recurrent UTI guidelines
Gynae DSU Protocols Urodynamic clinic booklet
Haematuria final Urogynae history sheet
IC guideline for BSUG repository NEWMesh Suture Record

A systematic review of the efficacy and safety of using mesh or grafts in surgery for uterine or vaginal vault prolapse
Bone-anchored cystourethropexy (using data from In-Tac and Vesica as specified by SERNIP)
Infracoccygeal sacropexy using mesh for vaginal vault prolapse repair
Insertion of biological slings for stress urinary incontinence
Insertion of extraurethral (non-circumferential) retropubic adjustable compression devices for stress urinary incontinence in women
Intramural urethral bulking procedures for stress urinary incontinence
Laparoscopic augmentation cystoplasty (including clam cystoplasty)
Management of urinary incontinence in primary care
Nocturnal enuresis - the management of bedwetting in children and young people
Percutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation for overactive bladder syndrome
Retrograde urethral sphincterometry
Sacral nerve stimulation for urge incontinence and urgency-frequency
Sacrocolpopexy using mesh for vaginal vault prolapse repair
Sacrocolpopexy with hysterectomy using mesh for uterine prolapse repair
Single-incision sub-urethral short tape insertion for stress urinary incontinence in women
Surgical repair of vaginal wall prolapse using mesh
Systematic review of the efficacy and safety of sacral nerve stimulation for urinary urge incontinence and urgency-frequency
Systematic review of the efficacy and safety of using mesh or grafts in surgery for anterior and/or posterior vaginal wall prolapse
Urinary incontinence: the management of urinary incontinence in women
Urinary tract infection: diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of urinary tract infection in children

RCOG Green Top Guidelines

Third- and Fourth-degree Perineal Tears, Management (Green-top 29)

Vaginal Vault Prolapse (Green-top 46)

Incontinence in Women - study group statement

Obtaining Valid Consent 

Obtaining Valid Consent (Clinical Governance Advice 6)

Repair of Third- and Fourth-Degree Perineal Tears Following Childbirth (Consent Advice 9)

Vaginal Surgery for Prolapse (Consent Advice 5)

SAC Opinion Papers

The Use of Mesh in Gynaecological Surgery (SAC Opinion Paper 19)

Women's health article content in Urogynaecology



IUGA/ICS Joint Terminology and Classification of Complications Related Directly to the Insertion of Prostheses (Meshes, Implants, Tapes) or Grafts In Female Pelvic Floor Surgery

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