Conflict of Interest

BSUG must ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor in all its activities. We require all individuals in a position to influence the direction of the association to fill out the disclosure form below. In order to ensure that our activities promote clinical governance and not commercial interests, we need to identify and be transparent about any conflicts of interest.

Leaders and management are required to disclose all relevant financial and intellectual relationships with commercial interests (entities producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients) in any amount as well as the nature of the relationship within the past 12 months.

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Executive Board

Dr Karen Ward
Mr Ashish Pradhan
Vice Chair
Mr Azar Khunda
Honorary Secretary
Dr Karen Guerrero

Committee Chairs

Kapilmeet Kaur
Chair Audit and Database

Mr Ganesh Thiagamoorthy
Chair I.T.

Ilias Giarenis
Chair Research
David Iles
Chair Training

Pallavi Latthe
Chair Meetings

Madhu Chendrimada
Chair Governance

Hayser Medina Lucena
Associate Rep

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