• To promote high quality urogynaecology research in the UK.
  • To foster a “research-active” culture among members of BSUG.
  • To provide expert opinion on research matters to the main committee, the College, and other organisations when requested or indicated.
  •  To provide a point of contact between individual researchers or research organisations wishing to work with BSUG in specific research projects


  • Organise the annual research meeting, to ensure a forum for trainees to present research work in progress.
  • Organise the educational component of the annual research meeting to provide continuing professional development in matters relating to research design, conduct and governance.
  • Work as necessary with individuals and organisations who approach BSUG for advice/assistance/research recruitment in relation to any relevant project or study.
  • Coordinate requests for member mailing lists for the purpose of research surveys and questionnaires

Committee details:

  • Committee will have a Chair, elected for 3 years by the membership of BSUG.
  • The Chair may stand for a further 3 years if requested by the executive or membership, and approved by the membership at the AGM.
  • The Chair should indicate his/her willingness to stand for a further term at the end of the second year of office.
  • The Chair should have direct research experience.
·         The Chair will:
o   Endeavour to ensure that the committee fulfils its aims;
o   organise at least one research subcommittee meeting per year;
o   attend at least one executive committee meeting per year;
o   ensure minutes of meetings are kept.
  • Shadow Chair will be appointed by the Sub-Committee members during the 3rd/6th year of the current Chair to shadow the responsibilities and ‘learn’ the roles of the position.
  • The sub-committee should have between 3 and 7 members. At least one of these should be a trainee member (ideally subspecialty trainee).
  • All BSUG members are eligible for the subcommittee, but experience of research work is an essential requirement. Vacancies will be circulated via email.
  • Members are appointed by the Chair, in consultation with existing members and executive committee members.
  • Members will be removed if they do not attend subcommittee meetings or contribute to the work of the committee.
  • Members will serve a 3 year term, with the option of a second term if no new members are willing to stand.
  • A 3 month notice is requested for members leaving the subcommittee.

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BSUG application forms for research grants:-

BSUG Grant-Application formBSUG Research Grant Check ListBSUG Grant-PI-AgreementBSUG Research Grant Guidelines

Current BSUG Research Subcommittee

Jonathan Duckett

Dudley Robinson
Research Chair

Vik Khullar
Vice Chair

Ilias Giarenis

Vijaya Gopalan

Dina El-Hamamsy
(Trainee Representative)

Manjula Annapa

Mr Rowan Connell

Monika Vij


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