Associate Members

Welcome to the Associate Members area of the BSUG website.

BSUG offers many benefits to associate members, the majority of whom are trainees (core, ATSM and subspecialty) along with some specialty (SAS) doctors.

For the annual membership cost of just £60 per year there are a number of membership benefits:

  • BSUG Trainees database (to access the BSUG trainees database. Click here). This allows you to record all your urogynaecology surgical activities and levels of supervision and is invaluable for appraisal and ARCP for ATSM and subspecialty trainees alike
  • Affiliate membership of the International Urogynecological Association (IUGA)
  • Electronic copy of the International Urogynaecology Journal, including via your mobile/tablet device via the IUJ App
  • BSUG bursary scheme - three funded places (one for an ATSM trainee, one for a core trainee and one for a subspec trainee) at each BSUG meeting Application forms at the bottom of this page
  • Ability to submit and present work at the BSUG annual research meeting
  • Free attendance at the BSUG Annual Research meeting at the RCOG
  • Eligibility to serve on BSUG committees
  • Free attendance at the BSUG Associate members’ day. Following the success of the events held in Sheffield (2019) and Manchester (2020) which were attended by more than 50 associate members, plans are underway to continue running this event again on alternate years. (March/April 2022 is the next one)
  • Applications for bursaries for the Understanding Urodynamics course, laparoscopic urogynaecology course, the childbirth and the pelvic floor course and BSUG travel bursary scheme are now open. Application forms at the bottom of this page

As your representatives, we are happy to welcome any comments, queries or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact us through the BSUG e-mail address or come and have a chat next time you see us.

For further information please contact us here.

BSUG Associate Members' Representative 

Hayser Medina Lucena

ATSM Trainee in Urogynaecology and vaginal surgery, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
BSUG Associate Members' Representative

Dr Sami Shawer

Subspecialist Registrar in Urogynaecology, Glasgow
BSUG Associate Members' Representative Deputy

Application guidance guidelines for  BSUG travel/meeting bursary scheme

Please ensure you have read the following guidance guidelines before completing any of the forms:

  • You can only apply for one bursary. Only those of the appropriate training grade can apply (i.e. people working as a locum consultant who are post CCT with an ATSM are not eligible)
  • You must confirm on the form that you have not received any type of bursary by BSUG previously
  • You must confirm that you are a current BSUG member
  • Once completed please submit to
  • If you wish to submit supporting or extra evidence to back up your request (i.e reasons how the bursary would be beneficial to you) please include as part of your application. This is not compulsory.

BSUG meeting bursary scheme form

BSUG travel bursary scheme form

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